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Welcome! I'm Dana Lemay, life coach, boundary pro, and founder of the One Minute Minimalist.

​I help stressed-out, overwhelmed, under-fulfilled women -- and men -- lose the overwhelm, gain clarity, and create joyful and authentic lives aligned with what they value. 

With a BS in management and a background in business analysis, operations, and training, I've spent my entire career as a mentor and problem solver. For decades I lived a life that “looked good on paper” but left me feeling unfulfilled and exhausted.

In 2018 I cultivated the courage to leave that life behind. I kept the expertise and ditched the corporate office to live and work in alignment with what I value - freedom, fun, creativity, and travel.


Today I coach private clients, manage projects, write copy, and edit content, all from wherever I happen to be in the world.

I believe that clear and simple boundaries are the key to having the careers, health, homes, and relationships that we want, and that small, incremental changes lead to big results.


I help clients get clear about what they value and guide them to let go of what gets in the way in a gentle yet effective way, honoring each person’s unique goals and situation.


​Ready for a change? Let’s talk! Click here to contact me.

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